Recording Asynchronous Sound

Creative Intention

Record and sync high quality dialogue in a scene using the boom, shot gun mic and sound recorder.

Here is the sequence, from 4.49 until the end.

Here is the script

We will be filming on one camera from two angles and recording using a shotgun mic, external recorder and boom.

We will sync up the sound and video in post using Premiere Pro in room 71.


Research the following:

  1. What is a lavaliere mic?
    1. When would you use a lavaliere mic?
  2. What is a shot gun mic?
    1. When would you use a shotgun mic?
  3. How do you use a shotgun mic and boom in a shoot?
  4. What is the point of using a clapper board when recording asynchronous sound?
  5. What is the recording level you are seeking to achieve on the sound recorder we used?
  1. How did you edit the sound together in post using markers?
  2. What was the consequence of recording one channel of sound and how did you balance the stereo tracks in Premiere?
  3. Did you apply any audio transitions or effects?
  1. Export and upload the finished video file with synced sound and upload to Classroom
  2. What were the problems you encountered in production and post production?
  3. What have you learnt about the importance of recording asynchronous sound for film with dialogue?

Some useful watching to learn more about recording asynchronous audio

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