Context & Pan’s Labyrinth

In order to understand and appreciate a film more fully we need to study the context….

Film Analysis Graphic
OK…so…what is context then?

Historical Contexts

These are the historical events which surround a film’s production. The film itself might also be a response to a specific historical event (as in Pan’s Labyrinth). In that sense there may be two sets of historical contexts.

In this case though we are going to explore the historical context which is the subject matter of the film, The Spanish Civil War and it’s aftermath.

Cultural & Artistic Contexts

These are the cultural references made within the film. No artistic endeavour is made in a bubble. We need to recognise that an artist (film maker) is drawing on his/her cultural experiences and using those to underline certain ideas and themes that they wish to explore.

Article 01
Article 02

Critical Reception – Reviews

We must accept that people will have differing responses to a film. It is always helpful to engage with other responses that might reinforces our own view or give us alternative perspectives:

Review 1

Pan’s Labyrinth: Crash Course Film Criticism
Review 3

Research Task:
  1. Read / study the materials you have been allocated above.
  2. Summarise the content of the material.
    1. Find quotes / information that is useful to helping you understand the film.
    2. Make a reference (use Harvard reference) of your sources.
  3. Contribute to a shared research presentation on the contexts which surround and inform Pan’s Labyrinth.
  4. Embed the slide show into your reflective journal and identify 5 distinct ideas from our context research.

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