Narrative in Pan’s Labyrinth

Narrative Analysis of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Create a presentation (on Google slides) which analyses the narrative features in the Pan’s. Please work in pairs and use no more than four slides, one for each section listed below.

1) Structure

The film starts at the end and takes us back to the beginning – why?

Also, think about the film as a narrative of two halves. Consider the structure of the two parts to the film. Where are the parallels and over laps?

2) Characters’ Function

What roles do the characters have in the narrative and is this always clear?

3) Conflicts

Where are the conflicts located in the film? Who is struggling, against whom? What is the outcome of the struggle? How does this lead us towards the themes….

4) Themes

What is the journey of the film and how does the conflict and epiphany reveal the themes?

Reflective Journal

Embed your slideshow into your reflective journal.

Remember to:

  1. Introduce the slideshow, what is it and what does it explore?
  2. Reflect on what you have learnt about narrative in Pan’s Labyrinth and how the narrative helps communicate the messages and ideas (themes) in the film.

Here is the class slideshow on Pan’s narrative analysis:

Here is a link for you to get the embed code for your own blog.

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