Sound 101

We have already done some basic exploration of sound when we did the Foley sound exercise. This week we are going to go into much more detail in terms of how to describe sound in film and analyse the meaning (emotion) communicated. You will be completing an analysis for independent study. Terms You need to… Read more Sound 101

Continuity Editing Task

 Creative Intention for the week To film and edit a continuity sequence that builds to a tense climax. Use filming and editing to maintain continuity of space and time. Portfolio Page This page must will be split into three sections: 1) Inquiry Extension: Find Continuity Edits in Hell’s Club Identify two examples of each… Read more Continuity Editing Task

Editing 101

Editing, the connectives in Film Language Think of cut as connectives in a sentence …so, and, then, but, however, meanwhile… How then does does editing create meaning if it’s just simply links in the film? Well first of all, the edit constructs the meaning in the minds of the audience. Task 1 Recap by defining… Read more Editing 101

Advanced Cinematography

INQUIRY The Rules of Composition in Cinematography are described and exemplified in this video: Class Presentation on Composition in Film Use this link to edit Mr G Miss H Reflective journal Embed this slideshow in your reflective journal as a new post called Advanced Cinematography. Select 3 frames from one or more of the cinematographers… Read more Advanced Cinematography

Textual Analysis of The Joker

The Joker represents, ‘…the spirit of terrorism. The embodiment of anarchy and chaos of a particularly destructive and nihilistic nature’ Douglas Kellner – Cinema Wars Analyse Christopher Nolan’s use of cinematography & mise-en-scene in one of the six sequences below in order to answer the following question… How does Christopher Nolan use mise-en-scene and cinematography… Read more Textual Analysis of The Joker

Dark Knight – Dark Ideas

TASK Read, discuss, understand this key note article on Batman by Pete Turner. Some terminology to define before we read: Ideology Socio-Political Context Vigilante Dominant Hegemony Authoritarianism Dichotomy Read the article aloud around the class. Stop/start discussion on the article and specific sections of it: Vigilantism, justice and vengeance By any means necessary – the… Read more Dark Knight – Dark Ideas

Batman Evolves

‘The world about us has changed and is continually changing at an ever-accelerating pace. So have we. With the increase in media coverage and information technology, we see more of the world, comprehend its workings a little more clearly, and as a result our perception of ourselves and the society surrounding us has been modified.… Read more Batman Evolves